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Baby Elephant
14.5 x 22'', Epson HDR inks on Innova Paper

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"Kipling’s jungle from the Just So Stores of my childhood is rapidly vanishing, and with it the spectacularly beautiful birds, deer, elephants (both wild and tame), monkeys, rhinoceros, and wild boar. Wildlife refuges have helped slow the decline, but their borders are easily breached by poachers, and India’s expanding population needs roads and services. In losing the tiger and the jungle, we lose part of the primitive and mysterious wildness that has long been part of our human psyche. Seeing a tiger in the wild is a rare and special gift. I fear that, with their numbers steadily decreasing, it is unlikely that my grandchildren will have the opportunity I had to see a tiger in Kipling’s forest. "

Radio Café Mary Charlotte interviews Joan Myers | Santa Fe New Mexican, Pasatiempo, story on the book
"The Jungle at the Door"
exhibit of these images at Andrew Smith Gallery, Santa Fe, NM