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Western Power

Geronimo, 12 x 34", Epson K3 pigment print on Crane Portfolio Rag
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"As we enter a new millennium, unlimited power appears to be an inalienable right. After all, without it we would not have water, lighting, heating, transportation of consumer goods. Our communication system depends upon it. Out entertainment requires it. Medical care demands it. This dependency is a recent phenomenon in human culture. Yet, we take power generation for granted and pay little attention to how it is generated and distributed. Even less do we consider how we are to sustain our ever-growing need for more and more energy. "–Joan Myers

Women to Watch National Museum of Women in the Arts
Washington, D.C. March 14-June 15, 2008

"visitors will be introduced to contemporary photographers whose work reflects the myriad ways in which the media is used today. These include Myers’ panoramic images of generators and power sources, which address the industrialization’s profound impact on the environment."

" WATER PLANET : Beauty, Abundance, Abuse" Exhibit Info